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Tribal Tattoo Vector Clipart

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Cuttable vector clipart in EPS and AI formats. Vectorial Clip art for cutting plotters.

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Getting this package, you receive a professional license product for commercial use
(within the framework of the license agreement).
At will, you can receive the certificate
on use of our production.


Price - $29

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Dog Breeds
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Combine elements, add colors, and make unique compositions. Use the most powerful material for your creative work!

Great for stickers, maskots, tattoos, logos, t-shirts and more.

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Free vector lipart in EPS and AI formats.
Attention!: the license agreement
is distributed TO ALL images,
including on free-of-charge!
For downloading in a vector format (EPS, AI),
files are accessible ONLY on our site!
Date of
August 22, 2013
of images
Full volume package
Format files
Encapsulated Post Script EPS (level 1),
Adobe Illustrator
2 color (Black/White)
Vinyl cutting and application
Professional level Ready - closed paths, no overlaps, no intersecting objects, no crossed lines
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PDF - catalog. Cuttable vector clipart in EPS and AI formats. Vectorial Clip art for cutting plotters.

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